Housing Assignments To Come

Now that you have completed your housing application within the Study Away Confirmation Portal, I know many of you can’t wait to find out your housing assignments. Thank you for your patience as these placements are confirmed. You’ll receive an email from Buenos Aires staff approximately two weeks before arrival with details about your living arrangements for the coming semester.

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Set up Direct Deposit

Ebills will be sent to your NYU email next week around July 15.  In addition to paying them by the deadline (August 5), consider setting up direct deposit with NYU if you anticipate receiving any portion in the form of a refund.  This will minimize the time it takes to receive these funds.

Instructions on how to do so can be found on the Bursar’s website here.

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Reminder: Health Forms Due August 1

As a reminder, health history forms are due to the NYU Health Center by August 1.

NYU students should have picked these up at 726 Broadway, 3rd floor prior to leaving campus for the semester.

Visiting students should have received these at their permanent address in early June.

If you have any questions or still need to obtain these forms, please email health.requirements@nyu.edu or call 212-443-1199.

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Reciprocity Fee Instructions and Payment Link

Australian, Canadian and US citizens must pay a Reciprocity Fee prior to entering Argentina.  Payment instructions can be found here.  The link for payment can be found here.  You must submit a copy of your reciprocity fee to OGS via email.

Contact ogs.outbound@nyu.edu with any questions or concerns.

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REMINDER: Full Academic Year Students Only

Students attending NYU Buenos Aires for the full academic year will need to obtain an FBI Criminal Background Check and an Original Long Form Birth Certificate.  These documents will need to be authenticated with The Hague Legalization Convention “Apostille.”

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HTH Health Insurance Emails To Come

All students studying with NYU Global Programs are automatically enrolled in international health coverage through HTH Worldwide. You will soon receive an email from NYU Student Insurance/HTH Worldwide with your certificate number and instructions about creating your HTH profile.

NYU and Visiting students – HTH Enrollment emails will only be sent to your NYU email address. Do NOT delete this email!

All students are expected to maintain valid domestic health insurance over the course of the semester. HTH is valid only for the dates of your study away program.

If you receive health insurance through your school and are covered by a parent’s insurance plan, you do not need to maintain both levels of insurance for your semester abroad. Many students waive the insurance through their school seeing that they will be covered by a parent’s plan domestically and HTH while abroad. Investigate this as you may end up saving hundreds of dollars.

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Review Upcoming July To-Dos

Please take some time to review your July To-Dos  to get a sense of upcoming required deadlines and recommended to-dos!


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